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Volunteer Application Form



    Address with postal code

    Preferred telephone contact #

    Best time to call

    How did you find out about volunteering with Telecare Peterborough? (check all that apply)
    Media AdvertisingMedia ArticleWebsiteFacebookFourinfo.comUnited Way Community Information ServicePosterFriendAnother VolunteerChurch Bulletin or AnnouncementAnnouncement in ClassDisplay at a Special EventOther

    Other or Which Special Event -

    What prompted you to apply for training?

    Have you used Telecare or other Distress Line Services?

    If yes to above, when?

    Do you intend to become a Telecare volunteer if invited to do so after completing 50 hours of training?

    If yes to above, what is your reason for wanting to volunteer?
    Spare TimeDevelop SkillsCommunity InvolvementPersonal SatisfactionDesire to Help OthersImprove Career or Study OpportunitiesOther

    Other -

    If no to above, please tell us your reason for taking this course

    Are you currently volunteering or have you volunteered in the past

    If yes to above, please describe where, when, for how long and what your duties were

    Have you had previous experiences that you think would be helpful to you volunteering with Telecare Peterborough? Please specify

    Please list any physical limitations we should be aware of, if any.

    Will you require assistance with the $50 training fee?

    By checking the below box, I understand that to become a member of Telecare Peterborough, I must be willing to take the full training, and that my membership is probationary for the first six months. Membership commitment is renewed annually.

    By checking the below box, I understand that volunteering on the phone line means answering calls on-site in Peterborough. i also understand that I will be asked to volunteer the equivalent of one 4-hour shift every two weeks.

    You may attach and upload a resume to your application if you would like

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